My family and I moved to Superior in 1998 from Michigan with an 8 year layover in Maryland. With two young children, we chose to live in Superior for the schools, access to Open Space, the great trails and neighborhoods. As Superior was our home, I got involved first with the Superior Citizens Advisory Committee, then on the Planning Commission, and finally serving two terms on the Board of Trustees (2000-2008).

My philosophy while on the Board was fiscal responsibility, common sense, and strategically planning for the long haul. To help accomplish this I always worked with our citizens to listen to their opinions and leverage their expertise.

While on the board we accomplished a lot including the creation of the Open Space fund and the subsequent purchase of 100s of acres of open space; the consolidation of government services under a single entity thus reducing waste as well as property taxes; and the creation of a sustainable vision for the build out of the remainder of the town.

Observing the Town Board over the last 4+ years, I have seen many of these responsibilities shift from the forefront, instead being replaced with backyard issues and pet projects. Spending other’s money seemed to come easier and easier and long-term planning less relevent. On top of that, policies were put in place to restrict input from citizens who have volunteered for years as well as those who just wanted to come in on a hot topic.

After 14+ years in Superior, one of my kids is off to college and the other is almost finished with high school, but we still see Superior as our home. For that reason I want to make sure the Board of Trustees is planning for the long-term to maintain Superior as one of the best places to live in the country. I did it before and believe I can help drive the board again.

Please Write-In “Jeff Chu” for Board of Trustees this year.


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