The specter of the Jefferson Parkway has been looming over Superior since Rock Creeks inception.  In fact the earliest plans for Rock Creek had it running right thru what we now refer to as the Level 3 property.  I was against it when I was a board member and I am still against it.  For the few that might be for it, here are my reasons:

  • There is no plan to finish it.  Why would we want them to build it when there is no logical place to complete the plan that so many say they want.  Terminating it on 93 north of Golden?! That makes no sense at all until they have a commitment to finish the full “beltway”
  • Time for the folks pushing this to fess up.  This has nothing to do with easing traffic or providing a completion of the a “beltway.”  It is all about enabling more development.  There is a lot of land out there along 72 and 93 that would be much more valuable for development if there was a clear path to the airport.  Building this is about provide infrastructure to enable more development. 
  • As they currently have it laid out why an interchange at Indiana and 128?  Who is this for?  If they are allowed to build it we need to make sure this interchange is closer to the Rocky Mountain Airport (formerly known as Jeffco) if it exists at all?
  • Then there is the environmental question. If I recall Rock Flats was required to clean up the area to some nominal depth especially in the buffer areas.  Now they are going to allow a road construction that will probably dig down some 10 to 20 or 30 FEET in places! I am surprised that Westminster is not more against this project given the way the winds blow.

Please Write-In “Jeff Chu” and I will continue to oppose this moving forward.



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