Throughout my previous two terms on the Board of Trustees, I worked to treat “your” money like it was mine.  Being on the Budget Committee I went line by line to understand what was being spent and why.  I pushed to focus our spending on the most important items and minimize the waste.  Sometimes that required making tough or unpopular (by some) decision.  It also meant strategically planning for what we wanted and needed. Some find it way too easy to spend other peoples’ money.  I promise not to be one of them. If elected I will continue this philosophy to keep our spending to a minimum and operate on some of the following ideas:

  • Budget for the long term to provide the services we have all agreed upon.  Sneaking new items under the property tax cap because we can is a no no!
  • Just because we have it does not mean we need to spend it.  As with your own finances, it is good thing to not spend as much as you have.  It is OK to save for a rainy day
  • A good deal is not a reason to spend if we don’t really need.  Too often I have heard that we have a grant that will offset the cost of something and it is too good a deal to pass up.  Really?
  • Property taxes should be reduced as much as possible.  If our assessments and our sales tax revenues go up more than our increases in the costs of services then we should reduce our property tax
  • Balance what we as the town provide.  This applies to the balance of in house resources with contracted resources as well as the balance between what we as the town provide in services vs what else is available in the region.  We don’t have to do it all.

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