During the 2 terms (2000-2008) I served on the Board of Trustees my philosophy was fiscal responsibility, common sense, and long-term strategic planning. To help accomplish this I always worked with our citizens to listen to their opinions and leverage their expertise. By staying focused and using the tools at hand, the boards I served on were able to execute policies that have made Superior the great town it is today.

Over the last 4+ years I have seen many of these responsibilities of the Board move from the forefront only to be replaced with backyard issues and pet projects. Frugal spending seemed less a concern as did planning and saving for what we really wanted/needed. Policies were put in place to restrict input from citizens who had volunteered for years as well as those who wanted to come in on hot topics. It seems that the nature of the Board as a policy board seemed to lose the policy part. Or at least the common sense part in many cases.

During the last 6 months I was asked by many to once again run for the board again. I was no longer restricted by term limits but still instead of jumping in, I encouraged others I had worked with in the town to run for a seat. Unfortunately to my dismay no one stepped in. I understand the commitment so I do not blame them for not running. However, I do understand the critical responsibility of the Board of Trustees. With build out looming and especially with a lack of a big picture focus, I decided I needed to run once again. Even though I would have to run as a “Write-In” candidate I decided I had to give it a try.

Please help me get the board back on track to focus on the things that matter the most to keep Superior a great place to live and Write-In “Jeff Chu” for Town Trustee this year.


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